Ghaliyat Tareeq Al Hareer -2020

GHALIYAT TAREEQ AL HAREER (غالية الذهب- طريق الحرير)


Top: Saffron, Spices, Hojari Frankincense

Middle: Jasmine Flexille, Jasmine Sambac, Jasmine Grandiflorum, Bridal Taif Rose, African Trumpet Queen Enfleurage, Floral Enfleurage Mixture (Jasmine, Tuberose, Freesia, and many more), Honey, Tobacco, Beeswax, Colombian Rose Enfleurage, Osmanthus, Neroli

Base: Vietnamese Oud (Oudimentary), Indonesian Vintage Oud (1994), Malaysian Oud (La Maison Khenata), Vintage Vietnamese Oud, Siberian Deer Musk Maceration in Vintage Mysore Sandalwood (2 years), Tibetan Deer Musk, Tibetan Deer Musk Absolute, Black Ambergris, Brown Ambergris Resinoid, Celtic White Ambergris, Hindi Vintage Oud, Kannam Thaqeel Oud (aged from the 1980’s), Vintage Mysore Sandalwood, Saffron Resinoid, Walla Patta Oud Incense Grade Smoke, Fir Balsam

When a perfumer is making a perfume or an attar, mostly one school of perfumery is used and some certain set of skills utilized in the process.Let me elaborate; Most niche and designer perfumes use synthetics and performance enhancing chemicals to appeal to the mass market and be able to mass produce a perfume. Some cheap attars are the same, synthetic or mostly synthetic. Some others not, and even among these; commonly available aromatics are used.When rare aromatics are used, experimentation becomes much restricted by the virtue of cost vs. result.Oud based , musk based, or ambergris attars exist; however Tareeq Al Harir is a different story, even among the best attars produced by Elixir Attar nowadays. It is by far, our best attar ever to be produced, and i can claim its among the best ever produced anywhere.

Elements of Tareeq Al Hareer come from the ancient Silk Road (Tareeq Al Hareer in Arabic) spanning China to The Middle East. Musks and ouds from South East Asia, roses and florals from the Caucasus and Eastern Europe, saffron from Iran and Azerbaijan, Turkish rose and Arabian spices all go in the production of Tareeq Al Hareer. The idea for Tareeq Al Hareer is not to sell a perfume or attar for a client, or have a client own a perfume or attar to swipe, it is really to own an artistic piece that contain some of the rarest, most beautiful aromatics that ever existed.

The project started a year ago by researching, gathering and processing some of the rarest aromatics worldwide and processing even rarer ones. Alongside this process; deer musk is being macerated at the insane ratio of 40% in a mixture of the best artisanal ouds from Malaysia (La Maison Khenata), Vietnam (Oudimentary), a vintage Hindi from one of the most dedicated collectors of oud in the Middle East, a Thaqeel (thick like honey) vintage Cambodi from the 1980’s that is rare to find, a vintage 26 year old Indonesian oud sourced from the UAE, and finally, an exquisite Vietnamese that is just “right” for the job. It has Bridal Taif rose, which is the rarest Rosa Damascena on the planet!! (40,000 roses to produce 12 ml of the oil.

Extracting deer musk musk is a time-constrained process, the longer it stays, the better it will smell- nevertheless we implied our artisanal experience in expediting the process significantly using surgically precise techniques to reach the desired goals by the time our other components were ready for further processing and mixing. In addition to common maceration of musk, deer musk resinoid was produced specially for this attar!!!- its among the most expensive perfumery materials to date. Siberian and Tibetan musk were used to complement each other and give a three dimensional musky effect complementing the facets of one another. As for ambergris, the finest Celtic white ambergris was processed, in addition to ambergris resinoid obtained from Tyson Mortensen, and a black ambergris from Indonesia, so we have three different types of ambergris, two different regions of musk, processed in two different ways, in addition to the six vintage ouds. Saffron resinoid was then processed giving a yield of just 2% and used in addition to fine Iranian saffron thread maceration in French honey, again to give an insane saffron experience. As for the roses and the jasmines; Rose enfleurage, bulgarian rose absolute, African trumpet lily queen, and several more enfleurages , including but not limited to tuberose, Freesia, and jasmine grandiflorum were added with deer musk grains and saffron threads to compound the musky/saffron experience.

Not only does it have all these components, but we also utilized our knowledge to fuse incense grade Walla Patta oud wood smoke into the mixture using our secret methods. Its a fusion of the French, Indian, and Arabic arts of perfumery together- not one art was depended upon, and not one approach, rather all; like the story it tells, the skills used come from all over the world.Utilizing all types of knowledge and the rarest of materials. One of the things that will be offered with the purchase is a series of videos showing the making of many stages of it- including an insight into the secretive processing of Walla Patta smoke into the attar.Plan to own a part of history, own a piece of art, that not only smells divine, but will probably be gone forever as it is simply not repeatable. Alongside all the aforementioned insanely artistic venture, Tareeq Al Hareer has a small gift artistic Islamic inspired piece of Mogolian script Calligraphy on a Satin/Silk fabric to complement the beauty of the perfume. lastly, it is the first time in the history of attar, that someone manages to turn the color of the attar completely golden due to the presence of 24 carat gold inside, before that, some perfumers added a bit of flakes, which always sink to the bottom of the bottle, in the case of Tareeq Al Hareer, the color is gold, reflecting the golden ageless value of it. Due to the rarity of the perfume and the willingness to share with as many people as possible, will be offered in 1 ml sizes in specially decorated bottles and boxes. We offer free worldwide shipping and within one week of your order, as the bottles and calligraphy are made and prepared on a per order basis. OLFACTORY DESCRIPTION BEST THING I EVER SMELLED!!

Ghaliyat Al Firdaous-2019

Ghaliyat Al Firdaous

It has An Oud from Agar Aura.A plethora of musks with macerations upto 8 years from the all-famous JK’s Rising Phoenix attars.Roses from South East Asia.And a plethora of enfleurage flowers.Some very rare spices.rose / deer musk maceration.Vintage patchouli.Hojari frankincense.

Ghaliyat Al Misk – 2018

I was planning on Ghaliyat al misk for some time now- and finally it is realized )) This Ghaliyat al misk is names after musk- which is among the main ingredients.

One of the main challenges to creating the Ghaliya based on musk is that my own macerations are between 1 and 2 years old only.However for this Ghaliya and with the help of several friends in the attar and perfume business, as well as in the Gulf region, I was successful in getting my hands on some of the most beautiful musks i have ever experienced.
It has Siberian musk, Himalayan musk, Tibetian musk, as well as Mongolian musk- all aged to perfection.The animalism is incredible here, it is simply among the most animalic musks blended ever.

These musks are then blended with tuberose enfleurage, honeysuckle enfleurage, with touches of almond, caraway, French iris with very high irones content- one of the most expensive perfumery materials i have had so far.More than other 20+ ingredients are then added to the Ghaliyat al Misk.
Among the other ingredients is Kashmiri saffron, an incredible Burmese Oud from La Maison Khenata, Mandalay Signature, as well as Ensar Oud’s Aroha Kyaku 2012, in addition to Ambergris , Castoreum, Hyraceum, and civet macerations from the incredible Rising Phoenix Perfumery.

Jinko 2020

An all oud perfume with musk and ambergris in the background.

It was very costly project, but we had to do it, for our dear customers, it has 10 different wild grade ouds from Laos, India, Brunei, Malaysia, to name a few. It had been diluted by an alcohol beast composed of a 5% tincture to Nepalese deer musk and Chilean white ambergris.The result is a whole agarwood wearing experience with an apparent animalic beast from the Nepalese grains that are super strong and give the perfume a very dynamic feeling.

Karabakh 2020

A saga, a true poetic expression, one of the works that make me proudest, Karabakh, an insanely unique and complex chypre built on the heritage of Azerbaijan.

It starts with an explosion of saffron honeyed with pomegranates, both are surrounded with an orchid and magnolia floral bouquet, then comes the ouds and fruits, feyxoa particularly, never used in any perfume before and one of the most beautiful fruits that i ever came across.

The total feel is a red dark resinous spicy chypre that is really a once in a lifetime experience.

The whole composition was diluted in a Chilean white ambergris tincture, not your regular perfumers alcohol.

Gourmand Exquise 2020

A gourmand lover’s dream!!!

fig accord, honey, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, cotton accord, whiskey, cardamom, mastic, and pistachio. This is the ultimate ode to gourmand, its our most complex gourmand release so far, and the most exquisite.

The whole composition has been diluted in an white Chilean ambergris tincture.

Ghaliya Rosarie-2020

Ghalia Rosarie

We are glad to present to you our first spray Ghaliya type perfume.

When we say Ghaliya we make sure that it has the most artisanal and rarest of the rare ingredients. A great deal of planning, care, and effort was put into this first spray perfume of ours to make a Ghaliya spray perfume that is so unique, rich, and special that is as strong as its oil counterpart.

Ghalia Rosarie is at a whopping 30% concentration of oils not calculating the deer musk and ambergris tinctures, or the saffron and frankincense resins.
Ghalia Rosarie has 5 type of Roses macerated with Kashmiri deer musk for 2 years, therefore the name Rosarie (Rose Garden), but not just any rose, Taif Rose, Hindi Rose, Omani Rose, Persian Rose, and Turkish Rose.

Now rose otto essential oil is one thing, but these aged-musk infused artisanal distillations transform the rose into heights never before attempted in any type of perfumery.It has a base alcohol tincture that has a whopping 25% Mongolian and Chinese musk grains in it, in addition to a 10% super-white Celtic ambergris tincture from the famous Coronation ambergris. Now some houses use musk tinctures, never at these percentages, and never musk and ambergris together🙂Frangipiani and Heliotrope enfleurage oils are used in very generous quantities to complement the floral bouquet heart of this Ghaliya.

They work like magic with the musky rose accord. Elixir Attar is known for utilizing the uber- niche floral enfleurage oils, never before utilized in perfumery the way its done at Elixir Attar.As for Arabian spices used, we extracted saffron the finest grade quality saffron worldwide which comes from a region bordering between Afghanistan and Iran. We also used specially molecular distillation medicinal grade Hojari frankincense to add a spicy touch to the sweet heart.

There is a touch of a vintage Mysore sandalwood oil, for a creamy, buttery animalic drydown that is exquisite and aphrodisiac.Speaking of the ouds used, It has a mixture of a very aged Indian private reserve Kalakassi and Hindi Ensar ouds, with a touch of Oud Shuayb from Manipur, which is a personal favorite and fuses seamlessly with the musk-rich animalic notes of Ghaliya Rosarie.

Muhtasham 2020

I am glad to present to you today our first attar to be released celebrating the Holy month of Ramadan.

Muhtsham (Magnificent), is a spicy incense chypre made specially to celebrate this Holy month with our valued customers worldwide.

Muhtasham features our Indonesian jet black ambergris , and has an ample amount of it, giving it a very exquisite dimensionality.

The overall feel of the attar is spicy oudh without being dark, on the contrary , it has a very fresh feel due to the presence of exquisite terpenes in there.

The roses give is a very sweet middle note thats evident from initial wearing to drydown.This attar contains a small percentage of synthetics (around 20%) to get you a very pleasant performance and experience at a very nice price.

Olfactory description

Top notes:Arabian Spices (cardamom, saffron and others) , orange

Middle Notes:Turkish rose, Taif rose, Egyptian Rose absolute, jasmine, violet flower

Base Notes:

Oakmoss, Cambodi, Vietnamese, and Hindi agarwood, vetiver, jet black ambergris (shown in product photo before and after maceration), fossilized amber

Floral Bouquet Enfleurage Pure Parfum-2019

After selling out in less than a week, here is your chance to preorder one of the most beautiful classical perfumes in our line.

Today, i am presenting a project that I was working on for quite some time now, but has been postponed several times for unforeseen reasons.

Floral Enfleurage bouquet pure parfum with deer musk and white ambergris infusions. Otherworldly smells of, jasmine grandiflorum enfleurage, rose enfleurage (rosa centifolia), tuberose enfleurage, and gardenia enfleurage, fused together with Celtic white ambergris , Siberian deer musk, orris butter, and a touch of vintage patchouli from Grasse.

Needless to say that, enfleurage oils are extremely low yield, extremely true smelling of the original rose/ and or flower- making the perfume so surreal and the first of its kind- made exclusively from enfleurage oils. For every 10 ml of enfleurage oil- almost 900jasmines/rose petals/ are used.

The Gardenia enfleurage used in this composition i acquired from a dear perfumer friend in Grasse, is an extremely sweet and beautiful gardenia, that is truly unique, complementing the tuberose perfectly.

extremely limited quantity!!

Fume Royale-2019

AlMajlisFumée Royale

The ultimate depiction of a bokhoor (incense) burning session (Majlis).

The scent is incensey, smokey, musky, oudy, spicy, florals in the background, jasmine sambac lingers somewhere in the air😍😍.

There are different types of tea, as well as green coffee with saffron and cardamom.

The Majlis is the the ultimate service for a guest in several Gulf countries, in many houses there are separate rooms for the Majlis.

This is neither purely smokey like Sacred Incense, nor it is very note central like Royal Luban. Rather it is a totality of the event, this is one of the closest depictions of the Majlis events captured in a bottle.

Olfactory description
Top notesTea, frankincense, almonds, saffron

Middle NotesSeveral types of rose, jasmines, gardenia absolute

BasenotesOud, musk, vanilla, Gurjum, immortelle, resins, balsams

Some slight amounts of synthetics were used for functional purposes. Contains more than 15% pure oud oils ( Hindi and Cambodian)

Fume Royale, the Arabian Incense Experience

Amalur- 2019/2020

Amalur parfum released (25 % concentration in alcohol)Very limited quantity available.

Amalur is Basque for “mother earth”. The name was chosen because it has elements from different corners of the earth.Amalur is a resinous, oudy, incensey, spicy, heavy oriental chypre and an incredibly complex all-natural perfume.With Amalur you get a 25%concentration parfum.

It has incredible sillage, longevity, and compexity.
Note breakdown:Top notes: saffron, lime, lemon, bergamot, yuzu

Middle notes: Frangipani absolute, Turkish rose, tuberose absolute, jasmine grandiflorum, osmanuthus, tobacco, tonka bean absolute, honey absolute, cognac, jasmine sambac

Base notes: Handmade Moroccan labdanum resinoid, Ensar Oud Aroha Kyaku, Ensar Oud Papuamantan, Deer musk maceration in Hindi oud, Madagascan vanilla, patchouli, vetiver, benzoin, cedarwood, frankincense, Cambodian thaqeel oud, immortelle, oakmoss

Available in 15 ml and 2 ml travel spray sizes.

Deer musk and rose enfleurage in Mysore sandalwood-2019

A very strong deer musk maceration in Mysore sandalwood And a touch of rose enfleurage.12 months old maceration at point of sale.

Gentlemen’s Club – 2020

The boozy scents of a gentlemen’s club, rum, whiskey, and the fruity top notes of peach, apple, pineapple, and cherries.

The whole composition is surrounded with touches of Madagascan vanilla oleoresin.Its a red velvety perfume with an adventurous feeling, and an extremely innovative and complicated note build.Its a Gentleman’s perfume, perfectly fit for being worn as a unisex perfume.